Leina was unable to join the 2013 New Voices fellowship group, but we hope to welcome her in a future class.

 Founder & Coordinator, Gender Danger

Citizenship: Cameroonian 

  A courageous journalist from Cameroon, Leina Fomuso has been forced by police officers in her country to drink from a sewage-filled gutter and beaten and detained without food and water, all because she refused to be silent and strives to bring the daily struggles of her country’s people to light.

 Today, Fomuso continues to fight to expose harmful cultural practices, such as breast ironing, which affects 3-4 million girls in Cameroon.  Her dream is to create a media center to train women and young girls how to become journalists, radio announcers and documentary film-makers, so that they can broadcast their voices and solutions to the world.

“We cannot talk of development in a community where silence is maintained over a gross violation of the rights of women and girls,” Fomuso says. “Journalism that ignores the daily suffering  of women  misses  many crucial stories and fails to be the voice of the voiceless.”

 Fomuso’s World Pulse coverage on breast ironing was noticed by CNN, who produced a story that went on to become #1 on CNN.com.  She is the recent recipient of the “A Women with Wings Award”, which honors courageous and pioneering women leaders honoring the legacy of Amelia Earhart.   She is also a correspondent for World Pulse.